Response to an Article

I’ve been slacking, but I want to finish this challenge.  I read a lot.  I watch webnairs on Edweb.  I look at the blog Bloglovin, and FeedBlitz.  I have a Flipboard and get emails from that.  I’m just not great at twittering.  I just learned about Twitterchat which I hope to test out soon.

Lately, I’ve felt like I do too much reading and not enough doing.  I’ve unsubscribed to several listings just because I get sucked into reading them, but they add no value to my life.  Does anyone have a good way to manage their readings?

One of my favorite blogs is Reading while White.  I love the insights I get because I have a diverse group and I want to honor all my students.  I have had a lot of students read Ghost by Raina Telgemeier.  After reading this post, I am perplexed at what to do.