Student Privacy

I go back and forth on this.  If a student has lice, I’d like to know.  If a student’s loved one died, I’d like to know.  If a student just got called a slut in the lunchroom and is now in my class trying to read about immigration, not much learning is going to happen.

But on the other hand, students have the right to keep things private.  We as educators have to protect a student’s right to fail, learn, quit, cry, and struggle.   It’s hard.  Because everyone wants to know.

One thought on “Student Privacy

  1. Your post made me stop and think. I think that student safety is more important than student privacy. We go through training at my school to know that if a student tells us information about how either they or someone they know is being hurt, we cannot promise to keep that information private. I think that it is important for us to help children develop problem solving skills, as well as grit and resilience, but I also think that there are occasions when adult intervention is necessary to help children develop those skills.

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