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This year I moved in to a new room.  I should really call it a suite.  The room was converted from the old district offices.  I have two small rooms, and office, and the classroom.  This was a huge change from the half size room I had in the back of the library.  So needless to say, it has become my happy place.  My students really like it as well.  I made one of the small rooms a reading room and the other a writing room.  The reading room has comfy chairs for the students to lounge in while reading.  The writing room has individual desk with small desk lights I’ve purchase at estate and garage sales.

My biggest change, however, was making tables high so kids could stand instead of sitting.  I checked into buying the types of tables that can adjust, but they were about $400 a piece.  Thank goodness for pinterest because I was able to change the tables for only $14.  I used a set of bed raisers I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The students love them and I can adjust them back to normal tables when needed.   It has really helped my students who like to move.




3 thoughts on “My room

  1. Hi Leslie

    Love your tables that can change heights for those students who prefer to move and for situations where you have activities that are better suited to doing standing up.


  2. G’day Leslie,
    What a great idea! So cheap and being able to convert back if need be. Are all your tables like that or have you left some with chairs?

    I am trying to gather all the posts about EdublogsClub into my Feedly, but I need all posts to have a common tag or category. Could you add one to your posts? Here is a link about them.

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