My Blog Story

I have had to blog set up for a while.  One for writing and one for photos.  Neither really went any where.  I think it is because I don’t know if I have anything amazing to say.  I want to add some amazing insight to the world or education, but sometimes all I have say is, “I’ve got to get to bed.”

I haven’t really read a lot of other blogs. I’m hoping by doing this I’ll find some reasons to write and more to read.


3 thoughts on “My Blog Story

  1. I once completed an online workshop challenge for my employer and found the challenges and sharing had me online frequently. I hope it works for you.

  2. Hi Leslie

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    I wrote a review post from everyone’s blogging story and many felt similar to yourself that they worried that didn’t have amazing things to say because they felt others had probably already said it. You can read the post here –

    I think everyone has their own turning point where blogging makes sense. For me it was a combination of reading other people’s posts, wanting a mechanism for reflecting what I was learning and realizing once I started reflecting by blogging that it changed how I learn.


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